Our Vision-

• Bringing out Excellence in education through Qualitative and Competency based Teacher Education Programmes.

Our Mission

‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya ’

• To shape the Educated Personnel into committed Component and Qualitative Teachers for achieving Excellence in Education through Pre-service Teacher-Education Programmes, Research & Extension.

• To equip the In-service teachers, Educational Administrators, Researchers & Planners with Innovative Practices, new Methodologies, Modern Technological Skills & Research Abilities for achieving Excellence in Education through In-Service Teacher Education Programmes and Research & Extension programmes.

Objectives of the institution :

1) To equip and facilitate the pupil teachers with knowledge and skills so as to enable them for enhancing the quality in education.

2) To equip the research attitude and aptitude amongst the pre-service and in service pupil teachers so as to enable them to solve the problems in education.

3) To acquaint the pupil teacher with the new technologies for enabling them to integrate it in the teaching, learning, evaluation and research.

4) To provide facilities of PG and higher study courses in education (M. Ed. , M. Phil., Ph.D., D.S.M. and other short term / long term duration course) along with the B.Ed. degree course for pre-service and in-service teacher trainees.

5) To inculcate commitment towards teaching profession amongst the pre-service and in-service teachers.

6) To inculcate dignity towards labor, accountability and social commitment amongst the pre-service and in-service teachers.

7) To establish healthy relationship with the Society by conducting various interactive social–cultural-educational programmes.

8) To implement the objectives effectively recommended by NCTE, UGC, NCERT regarding teacher education programmes.

9) To promote research and extension service programmes for preservice and in-service teachers at various level.

10) To develop and sustain as a centre of excellence in the field of teacher education.

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