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The Central library  is located  in  the campus of  Old Building that is accessible to all.  The library was established in with the inception of the college, providing professional assistance to students and faculty in their academic activities. The library occupies a total carpet area of about 378.25 square feet with 50  seating capacity reading room with research cubicles and a spacious stack-room . The library has a separate reference area, E-Library with an internet browsing facility (free of charge).   The regular update of the library resources is done on a regular basis with inputs and suggestions from both the faculty members as well as the researchers.




Library aims at accomplish and aid teaching, learning, research and community services by providing high quality academic information resources, education and related facilities to students and teaching fraternity in an environment that encourages reflective and collaborative enquiry.


C)      Infrastructure and collection

The college provides training courses  like B.ed, M.ed and P.hd in subjects Education. The college library has a collection of around 30187 books and other resources pertaining to various subjects taught in the college. It comprises of main library which has Reference Section & a textbook section , Curriculum lab , Reserach Cubicals  and Browsing centre.

1.       Reference Section is Comprises information resources on Education , History, Geography, Encyclopaedias,Dictionaries , Year book etc.

2.       Textbook Section contains books on diverse subjects taught in the college viz. Education, English, Hindi,Marathi ,Environmental Science, Government Publication , Sociology, Psychology, Science , Geography, Economics,   Public Administration, Environmental science, Sports ,Research Methodology, Novels,Fiction & other teaching Methods . 

3.       Browsing centre  facility for both students as well as for faculty. The centre is equipped with 10 Computers with proper seating arrangement, Wi-Fi internet facility.

4.       Curriculum lab and M.ed Dissertation section is located in the same library building .

5.        The library has established special “Book Bank” for the benefit of students. The books for book bank are donated by faculty or students.

6.       The researchers are provided the library facility  with research cubical. 




Library Collection


§  The College has a good collection of 30187 printed books with 47 Audio CDs , 990+ M.ed Dissertation & Ph.D thesis Collection for references .

§  The Library subscribes to 20 + Journals, Periodicals, and 08 Newspapers. Library also have 

§  The college has been a member of Inflibnet N-List consortia for provides access to thousands of e-resources. It provides web-based services including access to e-books, e-journals, and research databases, which provides more than 6,000 online Journals and 31,35,000 e-books.


    D) Library Automation

The automation of the library is partially completed by using library management system i.e. SOUL 2.0 software.


    E) Facilities & Services :


1.      Reference Section: Library has a separate reference section for students.

2.      Internet Browsing/ Wi-Fi facility: The library has a browsing centre with 10 systems and net connectivity.

3.      Fresh Arrival Display and Notice Board. The library displays fresh arrivals on the board as soon as library receives any new collection of books. Notices pertaining to the library or of the college are put on the notice board and the same is put on Whatsapp group so that users remain well informed about the happening in the library and of the college.

4.      Library hours: The library opens at 9.30 am in the morning and closes around 6:00 pm in   the afternoon.

5.      N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly content): The College library subscribes e-resources under NLIST Programme, an initiative of Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) under the NME-ICT now funded by UGC, as college component under e-Shodhsindu consortium thereby providing access to the quality educational resources comprising of e-journals, e-books

6.      Reprographic service: Reference material, magazine articles etc that arenot lent out are photocopied in the library if required while strictly following the fair use provision. Moreover, on demand library offers print out service to the library users.

7.      Special reading Hall for Post graduate Students & Research Scholars

8.      Open Access system is for all users in library . Library is open to all Ex- Students and present students as well as staff-members and senior   citizens(Retired Teachers of this Institute.)











Library Services are provided to support the college curriculum on the campuses. following some  services are  made available to all users.


§  Circulation Service.

§  on-line journals, periodicals ,magazines

§  on-line searching Internet Service

§  Past Paper sets of University Examination.

§  Syllabus of Various Subject.

§  Inter Library Loan service

§  CAS- ( Current Awareness Service)

§  library orientation tours Services for students for competitive Examinations.

§  Paper clipping Service

§  Reference Service.

§  Computer & Printing Service.

§  Hostel library service

§  Library InfraStructure

    G)  Staff Members.


          The library has a dedicated Staff comprising of below mentioned members.







Mrs.Ambhore V J 




Mr. KIsve Y.U.

Library Assistant

B.A., M.lib


Mrs. Sonwane




             H) Best Practices

§  Book Exhibition

§  Guidance & Instructions to user for  services handling the reading materials & Facilities of library  through  User Orientation .

§  Information regarding latest resources and new arrivals is displayed on Library  notice board

§  Suggestion box is placed at Library campus.

§  Newspaper clipping service.




I)  Library Rules for UG/PG and Research  Students

Ø  Every bonafide student of this College become a member of the library. No library fee is charged. A Library Borrower's Card is issued to each student on submitting the identity card, a photograph and the FirstTerm Fee Receipt. Libraryfollows “One Id Card” system. External membership facility is available for distance learning students.

Ø  The Library Card will be issued to a student at the beginning of his/her admission in the Institute, subject to the rules and regulations of the library.

Ø  The Library Card should be preserved carefully. Loss of the Card should be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian. Issue of a duplicate card may be considered in case of loss. The student will be responsible for books found outstanding in the original card even after a duplicate has been issued.

Ø  All students may borrow 3 book from General Stock at a time for Fifteen days and one Other Reading Text book for Overnight.

Ø   The borrower will inspect the books and bring it to the notice of the circulation Assistance if they are damaged before getting them issued; otherwise, he/she will be held responsible for the damage at the time of return.

Ø   Overdue charges will not be collected in case of delay in return.

Ø  Loss of books/documents should be reported in written to the Principal immediately.

Ø  Every user can borrow 3 /4 books per week /2 week  for home lending and one book/non book at a time for Reference Reading. If a borrower damages/loses the book he/she shall have to replace the book. If it is not available in the market then the borrower shall have to pay the market price plus replacement charges.

Ø  The Librarian has the authority to recall any book even before the due date.

Ø  The books/documents borrowed on the card are not transferable.

Ø   The student will  be present the library card with books at the issue/return counter

Ø  Misuse of library privilege will be regarded as breach of discipline.

Ø  library card must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.

Ø  Library card/ Library books lost/found must be reported to the Librarian immediately.

Ø  No dues Certificate will be issued only when all documents borrowed are returned to the library.


               The above regulations may be amended at the discretion of the library.





J) SWOC Analysis



§  Sufficient number of books and E – Books/Journals in the central library.

§  Cooperative Library Staff



§  Separate Library Building.

§  Inadequate space to develop infrastructure with growing demands.

§  Limited funding



§  Achieving partially automated library.

§  Involvement of Volunteers



§  Scarity of Manpower .

§  Library Automation


          K) Future Planning


§  To Built of New Separate Library building.

§  Formation of Ex-user association.

§  Digitization of rare  books.



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