Well furnished  Mathematics Department in the IASE plays vital role. It offers multiple teaching and learning aids on Mathematics .The Department  has the teaching aids  such as Geometrical Set Boxes ,Geometrical Instruments ,Charts of Great Mathematicians, Mathematical Charts for upper Primary  and Secondary level class ,Geometrical 3D  shapes, These instruments were used by the Mathematics Methodology teacher trainees .

The Dept. organizes the Math’s Day Program. The Department  also encourages the methodology teacher trainees to think, discuss & develop projects on Math’s.

Mathematics Department provides an opportunity to organize Math’day celebration, creation of Handouts ,wall papers ,Handbooks on Mathematics .These activities may be carried out by the teacher trainees to explore ,to learn, to stimulate interest & mathematical attitude towards Mathematics.

Objectives of the Department

  1. To Provide an opportunity to Math’s Methodology Student teachers to understand basic mathematical concepts.
  2. It helps the student teacher to build  interest and confidence in learning the Math’s subject.
  3. It enables the teacher education to verify several geometrical properties and facts using models or by paper cutting and folding techniques.
  4. The department allows and encourages the students  teacher’s to think, discuss with each other.
  5. It enables the teacher educator to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects ,models, charts ,graphs pictures, posters etc.

Service :

1. Provide teaching –learning material of Mathematics


1. Celebration of Math’s Day

2. Preparing Wall Papers

3. Preparing Handbooks

List of Mathematical Instruments

Geometrical Set Boxes

Charts of Mathematicians

Mathematical Charts for Upper Primary &Middle Class

Geometrical 3D Shapes


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