UG Unit

  • Vision:-
  • Bring out Excellence in education through Qualitative and competency based Teacher Education Programs.
  • Mission :-
  • To shape the Educated Personnel into committed Component and Qualitative Teachers for achieving Excellence in Education through Pre-service Teacher Education programs.
  • Objectives :-
  • To equip and facilitate pupil teachers with knowledge and skills so as to enable them to enhance the quality in education.
  • To equip the research attitude and aptitude amongst the pre-service pupil teachers so as to solve the problems in education .
  • To acquaint the pupil teacher with the new technologies to enable them to integrate I in the teaching, learning , evaluation and research.
  • To inculcate commitment to words teaching profession amongst the pre-service and in – service teachers.
  • To inculcate dignity towards labor accountability and social commitment amongst the pre-service and in-service teacher.
  • To establish healthy relationship with by conducting various interactive, social, cultural, educational programs.
  • To develop and sustain as a center of excellence in the field of teacher education to implement to objectives recommended by NCTE,UGC,NCERT regarding teacher education programs.
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  • UG Unit
  • B.ed. (Full Time/Regular)
  • Intake capacity-100
  • Through Government CET Entrance Exam.
  • Implementation of Academic, Co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities as per curriculum, Academic calendar and circulars of the University and Government of Maharashtra and etc.
  • Departments :-

.Educational Technology                                           11.Language Lab.

2.Psychology Lab.                                                        12. Physical Education Department

3.Science Lab.                                                             13.Examination Department

4.Math’s Department                                                 14.Student welfare Department

5.History Department                                                 15.Music Department

6.Geography Department                                           16.Guidance and Counselling

7. Marathi Department                                              17.Placement Cell

8. Hindi Department                                                   18.Computer laboratory

9.English Department                                                 19. Extension & Training

10.Research & Publication                                         20. Library

  • Seven Theory papers are taught other than that following activities are undertake.
  • Field  basedExperiences including Practice Teaching Practice teaching.
  1. Practice Teaching
  2. Workshop
  3. Practice teaching in secondary schools
  4. Observations

2) MicroTeaching Workshop

3)Bridge Lesson Workshop

4)Intership in schools

5)Working with community

6)Co-curricular Activities

            1. Teaching aid Workshop

            2. Pedagogical Drowing Workshop craft workshop

            3. ICT Workshop

            4. Experiments in Psychology

            5. Cultural activities, Club activities

            6. School Content Test

            7. Project Work based on theory papers

            8. Preliminary Examination

            9. Excursion

  • Innovative Practices
  1. Team Teaching
  2. Supervised Study
  3. Simulative teaching
  4. Use of technology for effective communication
  5. Morning Assembly based on moral values including current affairs, General Knowledge.
  6. Guidance and Counselling for personality development quality enhancement for professional development.

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