Phychology Laboratory

phychology Laboratory

Govt. College of Education ,I.A.S.E., Aurangabad  is a recognized Teacher Training Institute established in 1954., NAAC Accredited with ‘A’ grade and IAO certified institution affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar  Marathwada University,Aurangabad. Psychology Laboratory is part of this institute and established in 1954.The lab has mechanical and electrical instruments based on psychological concepts as learning , attention , sensation and perception, etc.

  • Vision of the Psychology Laboratory / Department

To equip the trainee teachers , In-service teachers , Researchers with Psychological Instruments and Tests.

To develop the mental, practical and emotional potential of the B.Ed. and M.Ed.  teacher trainees.

  • Mission of the Psychology Laboratory / Department

To broaden  the Psychological Outlook/Attitude trainee teachers.

  • Objectives
  • To acquaint with the trainee teachers with various psychological instruments, Tests and facilities.
  • To introduce the Psychological Experiments.
  • To apply the knowledge of Child Psychology in classroom teaching, teaching profession
  • To help the M.Ed. ,Ph.D. trainees to use  psychological instruments and   tests in their Research work.
  • To enable the trainee teachers to use of psychological tests for assessing intelligence, attitude, aptitude, creativity, interest, personality, and for clinical aspects of personality

The department not only concentrates on the basic principles of modern psychology but also emphasizes to associate the ancient sciences of Indian culture such as Yoga with the modern science of psychology.   

Department of  psychology has a experimental psychology laboratory. The laboratory contains large number of instruments, Since the laboratory has been developed 60 years ago. The laboratory facility is primarily used for the conduction of experimental studies, experimental psychology practical conduction. The experiments in the area of  Learning, Memory ,Teacher’s Attitude and Teaching Aptitude Testing ,Work & Fatigue etc. Teacher Educator demonstrates the Psychological experiments and Teacher Trainees perform the  experiment.  Near about  100 teacher trainees utilize the facility of laboratory throughout the year for performing the experiments.

  • Psychological Testing

          Department of  psychology has large number of psychological tests and they have been extensively used by the faculty, research students and post-graduate students and Ph.D. students. The tests in the areas of aptitude, interest, intelligence, personality, neuropsychology, clinical psychology, social psychology and educational Psychology are frequently used. B.Ed. students have paper on psychological assessment and M.Ed. students use the Psychological Tests in the field work. The tests are  also used for the purpose of carrying out research projects .The Department of Psychology also runs the program on Yoga , Career Guidance and counseling.

  • Psychological Experiment
  • Division Of Attention
  • Mental Work And Fatigue
  • Learning Curve
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Memory

 Laboratory at a glance

Learning related instruments :

  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus – 31, Maze Apparatus – 11

Attention related instruments :

  • Tachistoscope –  27
  • MC Dougall Disc Apparatus – 03
  • Memory Drum Apparatus – 02
  • Division Of Attention  – 01

Sensation & Perception related instruments :

  • Colour mixture Apparatus – 01
  • Simultaneous Contrast Apparatus – 01
  • Massor Disces -01
  • Visual Spare Perspective Apparatus – 01
  • Emotion Judgeing Set- 01

Reaction Time related instruments

  • Vernior Chronoscope -01
  • Psychogalvanoscope -01
  • Reaction Tune Apparatus- 01

Psychological Tests with Instruments

  • Minnesota Block Packed Test
  • Manker’s Test
  • Feature Profile Test
  • Pictorial Completion Test
  • Vocational Completion Test
  • Jsahara Colour Blind Test
  • Wool Test
  • Minnesota Rate Of Manipulation Test
  • Wechsler Adult Performance Intelligence Scale
  • Passi Test Of Creativity

Test of Intelligence and other abilities

  • Group test of intelligence (PGTI), Raven’s Standard  Progressive Matrices
  • Test of creativity
  • Aptitude Test
  • Value Tests
  • Interpersonal Relations Tests for assessing Clinical Aspects of Personality
  • Projective Techniques
  • Stress and Anxiety Tests
  • Socio economic status scale
  • Motivational Tests
  • Self concept and self related variable
  • Neuroticism
  • Problem solving and Reasoning Ability Test  

Activities Conducted through the Department:

  • Visit to Psychology Department
  • One day seminar on Psychological Testing
  • Yoga Work Shop    
  • Display and discussion of latest news in psychology, 
  • Seminar on Child Psychology

Research Project:

  • The department of psychology has embarked on a various action research projects.

Project title:

  • A comparative study of teaching aptitude of teacher trainees.

Future Plans of the Department:

Organization of seminar and workshop onVarious aspects of Psychology such as Educational Psychology , Stages of Development etc.

Psychological Tests and Equipments available in the Psychology lab

Steadiness Tester with Stylus
Whipple Tracing Board & Stylus
Whipple Taping Board & Stylus
Whipple Weight Box
Whipple Target Board
MC Dougall Disc Apparatus
Electric Maze with Stylus
Finger maze
Stylus maze with stylus
Minnesota Block Packed Test.
Alexander Pass Along Test with Cards.
Johnson Finger Dexterity Test.
Johnson Dexterity  Test
Koh’s Block Design Test Box.
Pinafor Hey’s Peg Board without pins.
Winking Glass apparatus without rod.
Reflex Conditioning apparatus in complete.
Seguin Goddard from Board.
Dearborn from board.
Manker’s Test.
Recording Tambers
Kansan Halfman Concept Formation Test.
Collins Draver Performancce Test
Feature Profile Test.
Visual Spare Prespective apparatus.
Pintner Patterson Performance Test of Intelligencce.
Cornel Cox Performance Test of Intelligence
Mirror Drawing Apparatus.
Techner’s weight Box.
Metronomous with mercury contact.
Pictorial Completion Test.
Vocational Completion Test.
MC Dougall Disc Apparatus
Pyramid Puzzle.
Metronomous with Double Mercury contact.
Steadiness Tester
Screen (18’*12′)
Battery Board without cells
Emotion judging set of photographs.
Switch Boards
Suggestion by progressive line.
Maze clevetor.
Colour progressive wheel.
Set of Wiggly Blocks.
Bennet Tool Dexterity Test with set of spanner
Retort Stand of (12″*8″)
Retort Stand of (9″*6″)
Aubert type Diaphragm size constancy.
Bolt head maze electric variable path with system.
Tuning forks or Resonance with hammer
Reaction time Apparatus
Perin Coordination Test with stylus
Maze three demonstrator
Two hand Coordinating Test with two stands
Yerkes multiple choice apparatus with screen & connector
Healey type puzzle Box.
Punch maze electo with stylus.
Color mixture with motor on stand
Stop watch.
Psycho galvanoscope (Electronic).
Error counter Impulse
Tanbour Students
Mirror Drawing apparatus
Ishahara Colour Blind Test
Mechanical Ability Test
Vernier Chronoscope
Colour Aptitude Test
Meter Scale
Half meter scale
Impulse counter
Card sorting Tray
Standard square for coutency
Memory drum
Eye hand coordinator Test
Size & weight Test
Sentenquist mechanical apparatus
Reversible perspective figures
Wool Test
Minnesota rate of manipulation test
Tweezer Dexterity Test
Johnson Finger Dexterity Test.
Mirror Drawing Apparatus.
Phi-Phenomena apparatus
Simultanious contrast apparatus
Masson Discs one motor with szeer
Cards for span of attention
Mirror Drawing Apparatus
Western calculator
Mirror Drawing Apparatus printed star
Tachistoscope gravity
Tachistoscope simple electric
concept formation card
Cards for span of Apprehension
Printed Perception test cards
A group test of Intelligence
Teacher Attitude Inventory by S.P. Ahluwalia
Children Personality Questionnaire by Dr. Medha Kumthekar
Thematic Apperception Test by Dr. Uma Chowdhary
Adjustment Inventory by M. N. Palsane
Family Climate Scale by Dr. Beena Shah
Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test
Bhargava and Dr. Singh’s Emotional Maturity Scale
Standard Progressive Matrices by J. Raven and JH Court
Bine-Kamat Test of Intelligence
Dr. B. K. Passi Test of Creativity
Study Habit Inventory by M. N. Palsane
Interest Inventory by Dr. M. N. Palsane
Mirror Drawing Apparatus metal star with electronic digital error counter
Tachistoscope Electronic
Mirror Drawing Apparatus with built in Reset type error counter and battery eliminator
Wechsler Adult Performance Intelligence Scale by Prabha Ramlingaswamy (Test with Instrument)
Teaching Aptitude Test Battery by R. P. Singh and S. N. Sharma
Teacher Values Inventory by S. P. Ahluwalia
Mental Health Check-List by Pramod Kumar
General Classroom Achievement Test by A. K. Singh
Photograph’s of Psycologist’s
Teacher Attitude Inventory by S.P. Ahluwalia
Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire R. B. Catell (Form-A)
Mental Health Inventory by A. K. Shrivastava
Group Test Of Intelligence by Dr. Pramila Ahuja
Over Head Projector Liberty vision-250 SN- 116042

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