Micro Thaching/Bridge lesson workshop

Micro Thaching/Bridge lesson workshop

*Objectives: – 1. To prepare the student teacher for teaching

                      2. To make student teacher aware about skills related to teaching

                      3. To built up the confidence within student teacher.


    The Institution organizes workshop of micro and bridge lesson .In this work shop  theoretical information and demonstration lesson of each skills prescribed in the university curriculum are arranged .The teacher educator gives guidance about the micro/bridge lesson planning and peer observation .

The student teacher are distributed in groups .

The student –teacher has to perform the role of teacher, observer, time keeper and students in rotation.   

The teach  and  re-teach cycle of following skills is taken  viz. Questioning stimulus variation ,Blackboard work, use of  teaching aid ,set induction, explanation .


Objectives :          1. To Assess the performance of the student teachers throughout

                                  the academic year.

                              2. To evaluate the participation of student teachers in various

                                  Activities, workshops etc.


      The Institution follows the pattern of internal assessment prescribed in the university curriculum .the Assessment and evaluation of student teacher is done by the teacher educators according to their portfolio.

Viz. teaching aid, Drawing, work experience, micro teaching & bridge lesson workshop, practice lessons, internship, cultural and literary activities, excursion

Psychology experiments, assignments, seminars & class tests etc.

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