History Department

History Department


  • Vision of History Department

To enable the teacher to look at the past events and interperate them without bias and to mould the present for sustainable development.

  • Mission of History Department

           To develop Nationalism and International understanding in B.Ed. student teaches.      

  • Objectives of History-
  1. To enable the trainee teacher’s to understand the importance of history.
  2. To inculcate the cultural, moral, ethical,  emotional values  through teaching history.
  3. To develop the sense of occupational affection amongst the trainee teachers.
  4. To develops the habits of collecting books and in accessible historical objects, materials etc.
  5.  To motivate the trainee teachers towards subjects by arranging Educational tours / visits to historical places.
  6. To develop attitude of using various sources for the understanding of Historical evidence.
  7. To impart through knowledge related to various personalities through cultural program.
  • Introduction:

          History being a story of humanity if rightly taught and rightly learnt can create a world order of peace, happiness. It is one subject which can make the younger generation to realize that throughout the ages moral, intellectual and technical progress has gradually grown to constitute a common heritage for all mankind. History  also create a desire in the pupils to perpetuate the principles of justice and humanity to control the life of a nation. The value of patriotism and citizenship also is developed through different sources of history. It is the duty of department to keep the sources of past based on documents and facts to meet the above vision, mission and also objectives. So availability of sources and the activities done by history department are mentioned in shortly.

Department of History at a Glance

      Establishment of the institution :                                              1954

            Area of the history department  :                                              26’ X 19’ =   494  Sq.ft.

Service:                                      * Provide teaching learning material.

                                               * Organize field visits.

                                               * Implementing various co-curricular


Future Plan:                        

1.             To develop working Models for teaching of History.                                                                                         

       2.            To develop Ideal History-Room.

Activities conducted by department –

  • Provision of teaching learning material to student teachers.
  • Development of the secondary sources of history.
  • Development of the supplementary devices which the teacher can use eg. Site visits, printed material.
  • Dramatization of historical events.
  • Field visits to historical places.
  • Provide Bulletin news of history on Bulletin- board. ( eg. New photographs, pictures and news.
  • ICT based teaching leaning activity.
  • Implementation of conceptual learning programme for enrichment of content knowledge.
  • Organization of competitions regarding to various National Heroes.  

List of teaching aids available for practice teaching and field based experience program.

Sr.no.Particulars      Quantity  Cost Rs.
  01      Maps Ancient Indian History Medieval Indian History Modern Indian History  271  2401/-Rs.
  02Pictures Different Civilizations Indian ReligionsIndian cultures ArchitecturesHistorical PlacesIndian Freedom fighters.Charts of value education.    137  1986/-Rs.
  03  Pictures gifted       by C.C.R.T.      07 sets.  Gifted
  04Films (35 m.m.) Gifted by C.C.R.T.    547  Gifted
05Models  09Prepared and Donated by    students  
     07  New Maps with laminations  6515550/-Rs.
08Video CD and MP3  36  2650/-Rs.  
09Sound system and DVD    01 29  6096/-Rs.
    Total  31083/-Rs.  

Programmes organized by History departments

          Many programmes are arranged in the campus, throughout the year. In these, various programmes, exhibitions, publications of the handbooks, wall papers, blood donation camps etc. are conducted to stimulate the pupil teachers regarding the past experiences. Aims of the programmes is to impart the knowledge related to the personalities on which it is organized such as ‘Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti’, Mahatma Ghandhiji  and Lal Bahadur Shashtri Jayanti’, ‘Teachers Day”, Independence Day of Marathwada etc.

           The programmes are evaluated by the well known personalities who are invited as the experts of the History Departments of various colleges studied in Aurangabad city.

        In addition to this, on the occasion of Teachers Day, Ideal teachers are facilitated to gain their experiences through speeches.

     The trainees always try to make the programmes are stored in as memory of the trainees.

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