Extension & Training Department

Extension & Training Department

Vision         : Enhancement of quality Education and teacher education

Mission       : Organisation of teacher training Programmes for in-service teachers.

Objective    :

  • To organise various workshops for in-service teachers.
  • To organise various orientation courses for in-service teachers.
  • To organise various Action research project   for secondary teachers.
  • To organise various types of seminars and conferences for Secondary teachers.

Facilities available: Infrastructure, OHP &LCD Projector, Human resources, etc.

Activities              : workshops, seminars, conferences orientation courses, Action research project, teacher’s orientation programme etc.

Future Plans        : Organisation of seminar & conferences

Services      : Resource persons are available during training programmes.


Institute of Advanced studies in Education

Objectives :

  • To Perform the role of centre of excellence to work in the field of secondary education both pre-service & in-service.
  • To contribute as regional Service centre in the field education.

Facilities Available  :

 Adequate Infrastructure, Resource Persons facilities, advanced technical instrument.

Activities :

Workshops on restructure of curriculum, syllabus related to B. Ed, M. Ed, M. Phil, DIET, CTE etc.

Future Plans :

Previously  the institution  submitted a proposal to Human Resource development department Delhi, in the year 2012-13

Recently the institution prepared proposal of the Annual Work Plan & Budget 2015-16. Initially the institution is going to submit the proposal govt of Maharashtra. After sanction of grants further proposed activities will be implemented.

“ Jagar Janivacha Abhiyan ”

The institution is awarded by Govt. of Maharashtra for the year 2013-2014 Complementation of ‘Jagar Janivacha Abhiyan’.

Vision :To embed the sense of gender equality in college and educational institutions.

Mission :

  • Spreading up the thought gender equality in society.
  • To promote the female students for higher Education.

Objectives :

  • To organise various programme and activities to spread up the thought of gender equality.
  • To arouse the self-esteem in the female students studying in schools & colleges

Facilities Available  :

Ladies room, Ladies Hostel, Clean Ladies toilets with water supply, CCTV camera, Grievance cell, etc.

ActivitiesConducted :

The institution organise following activities –

  • Institution sessions with female students,
  • Lectors on gender sensitisation.
  • Vocational Guidance Programme for female Student.
  • Personality development through self protection& adventures.
  • ‘Special Kirtan’ Programme for Orientation of society.
  • ‘Atmabhan’ workshop
  • Road shows, rallies, parents gathering, Judo karate workshop, Lecture on laws about women.
  • Services Provided : Resources person are made available form the orientation of workshop & lectures

Future Plans :

Institution is going to organise various activities, programmes, workshops, for the promotion of female students to awards higher education  & to included the values for the gender equality .

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