About our P.G. Department: 
Govt. college of Education is upgraded as An Institute for Advanced Studies in Education (I.A.S.E.) by Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi under the centrally sponsored scheme for expansion of teacher’s training in Maharashtra under the NEP 1986. It has now become obligatory to provide all the facilities of higher education in faculty of education to both the in-service and pre-service teachers.
Hence the institute applied to National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Bhopal to start M. Ed. Regular Full-time with intake capacity of 25 students from the academic year 2003-04 and M. Ed Regular, Part-time  two year duration with intake capacity of 20 students each year from academic year 2005-06. The intake capacity of M. Ed Regular Fulltime course increase with 15 students from the academic year 2007-08. Now the intake capacity of this course is 40 students. These courses run totally on the self finance basis for which well qualified facilities are appointed.     
To develop excellence teacher, teacher educator, researcher, through qualitative teacher education programmes for ready to work in changing multicultural Society.
To develop sound educational &research environment, motivate student teachers from diverse backgrounds, effective use of new technologies, sustainable development, promoting life skills for archiving excellence in education through P.G development in pre-service & in-service student teachers.
1. To develop the research attitude and aptitude amongst the pre-service & in-service student teachers so as to solve the issues in Education.
To acquaint the pupil teachers with the new technologies to enable them to integrate it in the learning, teaching, evaluation and research.
To prepare student teacher for different psychological Services like vocational guidance, personal, educational, through education programmes.
To organised different research activities, seminar, and workshops on new trendsin education.
To organise career guidance & competitive examination guidance programmes such as TET, NET, SET, PET & other exams.
To establish healthy relationship with society by conducting various interactive programmes through field based activities, field visits & excursion.
To extend the mutual reciprocal actionprogramme in between in-service, pre-service teacher trainees, experienced teachers for sharing their views, ideasand experiences.
To implement the objectives recommended by NCTE, NCERT, UGC, and University& Our institutions regarding teacher education programmes.
To provide the research guidance to all research scholars for qualitative research work in all discipline of the society.
Contribution to qualitative research.
Promoting the use of technology.
Dedication towards profession.
Quest for excellence.
Respect & Integrity
Development of global citizenship qualities.
Contribution to environment awareness.
Academic Planning
Planning ofAcademicactivities.
Implementation of activities as per planning.
Flexible and smooth planning for curricular and co-curricular activities.
Regular attendance in every activity
100% attendance is compulsory
Research Activities
Organization of‘Research Workshop for Preparation & Presentation of Research Proposal’.
Finalization of Research topic through Research committee.
Organization of ‘Tool Development Workshop’ for Preparation of research tool.
Organization of ‘Statistical Application Workshop’ for applying the statistical measurementsin the research.
Organization of ‘Research report writing Workshop’ for finalization of research report.
Review and evaluation of qualitative & quantitative Research papers.
Availability of Wi-Fi / internet facility and Laboratories for research work i.e. Psychology lab., Computer lab., Language lab., Science lab., etc
Student profile
Collection of student teacher information for future opportunities.
Maintains the yearly records of admissions and results.
Use of collective information for placement.
Class tests,Surprise tests& preliminary exam conducted through Exam Department.
Regular Assignment for development of self study habits.
Regularly feedback given to the student teachers for better performance.
Conducts seminars to develop the presentation skills among student teachers.
Presentation of the seminars with the help Power Point Presentation.
Compulsory use of PPT in seminar.
Development of presentation & communication skills among trainee teacher for personality development.
Field base Activities
Participation in each & every activity of B.Ed. course.
Provision of an opportunities for gaining experience of Micro lessons, Bridge lessons and practice lessons.
Organization of Internship programme on B.Ed. class.
Development of guidance and counselling skill through lesson guidance &observations.
Compulsory Power Point Presentation for teaching activity.
Use of Feedback mechanism for effective presentation.(Feedback from teacher Educator M. Ed & B. Ed trainees also)
Field visits-
Visit to various places to aware student teachers with social issues.
Visit to the Special schools to aware the student teachers with special children.
Development of competencies i.e. Planning, Administration & Evaluation of field visit.
To create the awareness among student teacher regarding tosolve social problems. 
Computer Assisted Instruction and Learning-
Development of computer operating skills.
Development of instructional Material. 
To aware with the environment
To aware with the social issues
To develop the social values like co-operation, sympathy, sensitivity towards society, etc
Excursion at different places like Historical, Educational , Geographical places etc.
Visit to ideal villages for example Ralegansiddhi, Hivrebazar etc.
Innovative Practices
Provision of NET/SET/ PET / TET&Competitive Guidance to student teachers.
Organization of different workshops for NET/SET/ PET / TET& Competitive Guidance.
Development of ICT based instructional Material, Information broacher, Handouts etc.
Participation in each and every activity of B.Ed. course. The name of workshops
Micro teaching&Bridge Lesson workshop
Educational Drawing workshop
U.P.W workshop
Teaching Learning Material workshop
Demonstration lessons
Simulation lesson workshop
Physical Education workshop
Evaluation workshop
Internship programme
Cultural activities
Co-curricular activities
Participation in Yoga activities.
Jagar Janivancha Abhiyan
Working with community camp
Blood donation Camp
Preparation& Publication of Wall papers for celebration of birth ceremonies and death ceremonies of National heroes.
Implementation of activities based on social issues viz. visit to special schools, working with community.
Organization of discussion sessions based on modern trends and approaches in education
Guidance and counselling to student teachers
ICT based teaching and learning.
Consistency in university rank
Successful & active participation of student teachers in various programmes.
Achievement in NET/ SET/PET/TET & other competitive examination.
Publication of articles, research papers, poetry of student teacher.
Most of the Ph. D students of this research centre are students of this department.
Future Plans:
To Conduct interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary research activities.
To develop subject oriented ICT based module for teaching learning.
To provide online facilities/ e-sources such as academic planning, learning material, guidance, feedback etc.
To organise student teacher mentoring activities.