Introduction :- Physical Education  Department  is one of the most important deparment in college. Phisical Education Department  have  large open ground and indoor game hall. This department  was  motivated  student to participate in various game compition like volleyball,kabbadi,Kho-Kho,Athletics, yoga, chess,Archary.etc.This department have conducted two minor research projects The student were participated in state and National level game compition.
Department of physical education provide outdoor and indoor ground facility to strengthen the foundation of there life by giving them training and knowlede of physical education.
It is our mission to facilitate the development of young sports man who have the wisdom to create a life of passion and peace.
To achive this Mission the college provides :
Indoor and Out door ground  facility
Highly qualified Physical Director giving theoritical and practical knowledge effectively.
sport compition and research activity for students to explore their potential.
To enable the teacher trainee to understand nature,purpose and philosophy of physical education.
To develop competencies necessary for sports and games.
To enrich knoeledge of personal and community health.
To promote the capacity to organise games,sports and recreational activities.
To enrich knowledge of activites required for organizing physical education meets and events.
Facilities available
Indoor game Hall
Open ground
Table tennis table
All eqipment of athletics
Music instruments
Yogasan Hall
Books on physical education and yoga
Research guaindance
Badminton court Blood donation camp
Educational excursion
Every year educational excurtion is organized by department of physical education. Educational excursion will arrange on natural spot eg. Gautala abhayaranya.some religious places eg ghrushneshwar mandir, balaji mandir, shanishinganapur.datta mandir devgad.some time we visit to factory like sugar factory, cotton mill etc. some time we visit adarshgaon raleganshindi, hivarebajar.
We also visit adarsh gaon bilda. To see water planning,irrigation. We also arrenge educational tour Tarangan to see planet and digital taramendal.
Educational important places university of Dr, BAMU to visit various department education department, history depratmet, geography department, cricket stadium,sai centre. botanical garden etc.
Working with community progrrame.
Every year working with community programme will arrenge in that programme tree plantation, gardening, parisar swachata. All hundred students are participated in working with community they make play ground.
Blood donation camp
Every year department of physical education organize blood donation camp. Every student are participated in blood donation camp. Girls and boyes are known their blood group, Hb of platlets. They know the important of blood donation.they get certificate and coupon that coupen are important for getting blood from blood bank according to their need.
National Function
Every year five times flag hosting is done.
15 August – Independence day
23 August University foundation day
17 September Marathawada mukti sangrame  day
26 January Republic day
1 May Maharashtra  day
Attendance department
Government college of education IASE UG unit having 100 student admission capacity.
All students are present at morning time 11.30 Am to 5.30 pm. Every day attendance will taken and warning will be given to absent student. In annual function 100 % attendance student will congratulate by principal. Dr. P.R.Gaikwad.