a) Website Details in term of as mentioned in NCTE approval sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in Institution

Sr No Programme Duration Intake
1 B.E.d (One Unit) Two Year 50
2 M.E.d (One Unit) Two Year 50

b) Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualification scale of pay and photograph.

List of Faculty [M.Ed.]

1. Dr S. S. Muley (Principal)
2. Dr. A. Y. Thombre (H.O.D)
3. Dr B. B. Maher (Contractual)
4. Dr R. L. Jadhav (Contractual)
5. Mr. S. S. Salav (Contractual)
6. Mrs S. B. Khandale (Contractual)

c) Name of faculty member who left or joined during the last quarter

1. Shri S. K. Satav
2. Dr R. L. Jadhav

d) Names of Student admitted during the current session along with qualification Percentage of marks in qualifying examination and in the entrance test



e) Fee Charged from student Rs 45075/-

f) Available infrastructural facilities
1. Furnished 2 Class Room with ICT facilities day time as well equipped class
2. Library & Reading Room
3. ICT Laboratory
4. Psychology Lab.
g) Facilities added during the last quarter

h) Number of books in Library Journals subscribed to the addition in last quarter
i) The affilation with enclosure submitted along with application

j) The Institution Shall be force to post additional relevant information it so desires.